A Little Shemale Overtime

James has been watching the clock pass slowly over the entire afternoon, just waiting for the last of his colleagues to leave the office and praying that nobody else was thinking about ‘pulling’ a late nighter. Sure that everyone had left he opened his browser and types in “shemale website, shemale webcam sites” and found http://www.getradio.org/ to be one of the best ones . shemalecamsOne of his mates in the pub had been telling him about how amazing it was to watch a shemale live show – and how hot and dirty they could become.Pulling his tie loose and undoing his top couple of buttons, he slid his hand down his pants and started to gently tease his ever hardening dick. Just to think that he would be dating a shemale arranged by his pal injust a few days, he needed be sure that he didn’t get anything wrong. He needed to figure out how to pleasure a hot cam shemale girl.

Wow, he thought as he scrolled slowly down the dozens of profiles, knowing that behind each one was a horny shemale ready to get him off via her webcam.Trusting his dick he felt it get rock hard as he scanned a profile of ‘Lucy’ admiring her perfectly balanced tits and mischievous smile. A click later and he in a private show with the dirty, sexy minx and she smiled when she turned around to show off her elegant ass. James felt a bead of sweat run down his forehead as he started to probe himself with his index finger to made Lucy, who was bent over and doing the same. He nearly came right away as he felt himself stretch to accommodate his knuckle, Lucy looking over her shoulder and giving him a sexy wink.

Closing his eyes in pleasure he almost fall off his chair as he felt a tap on his shoulder. Startled when she spun around to see Keith, the sexy janitor smiling before him. ‘You would like her to go insert another finger pal’ he told him with a wink, pulling down his zipper when if it was the most natural thing in the world. Not knowing where to look James raised his eyebrows as Keith rolled back the foreskin on his long thick dick.
‘How about I suck you off while you watch her get dirty’ said Keith not waiting for an answer as he took a knee,and cradled James’ balls,his fingers teasing themas if he were playing a flute.

Keith ran his tongue over James’ bell and spat a long line of saliva down the throbbing length, wrapping the sticky juice in his hand as he continued to lick and tease. James only realised he still had his finger up his ass when James pulled it out and rammed his own even deeper up the tight little hole continuing to swallow cock as he did so. Within seconds it was two fingers, and somehow James managed to type a message to Lucy – ‘three fingers’, which again Keith was only to happy to match.

cam1Writhing with ecstasy James couldn’t take any more, the pulsing orgasm racing across his whole body as Keith, like he’d done this many times before,rubbed the streams of hot cum all over his chin and cheeks. When he was completely done, he gave an intense few more kisses over the still bulging, throbbing head of his shemale cock, looked up and gave a wink first as James and then over his shoulder.

Licking the jizz from his hand and spooning the sticky loads from his cheeks into the sides of his mouth, Keith casually said ‘You ought to get down here every Wednesday you know, meet up with Terry from security. He can’t get enough of shemales either’.

Flicking off his webcam and pulling up his trousers James looked up and watched Keith walk towards the office door, shaking the had of Terry who he only just saw had been there in the shadows for the entire time.

Dimitris from Athens

shemale webcamsDimitris is a muscular Greek man who lives in Athens. He is bored at home and starts to click on all sorts of things on the internet until he stops at a Shemale webcams site at http://www.blueshiftworld.com/ . It is the middle of August and it’s so hot the fan is on above him, and he is sitting naked on a towel, on a chair, to stop the sweat from getting it all wet. The door is open and he can hear the sound of the traffic as it passes underneath his apartment in his block of flats.
He looks at the photos of the beautiful T-babes on offer, all there so that he can chat to them via their web cams, and he looks at one that just says ‘beware the three shemales!’ Underneath it, in smaller writing, it reads ‘big cocks, anal, asshole and plenty of cum.’ He clicks on the photo as he remembers the one time he had had sex with a cross-dresser. He had loved it, but remembered that it would have been better if the guy had had a pair of real tits as well as his big cock. He hadn’t thought much about it until he came across this site, and he hadn’t even thought about looking up shemale webcam show on the internet before. A clock came up on the screen saying connecting and a few seconds later he saw three hot shemales in sexy lingerie on a bed, kissing. They looked up at the screen as the box opened and the one with the biggest tits came forward and typed into another box on his screen:
‘What would like to see us do?’
Her beautiful tits almost popped out of her tiny red bra as she typed her message down. Dimitris could see the other two just behind her sucking each other’s cock in the 69 position and liked what he saw. He started jerking on his eight inch, uncut dick and pinched his hairy nipples as he watched them for a few seconds.
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Sweaty from the heat, and from his excitement, sweat poured down his face and armpits as he pumped his cock up and down quicker. He watched a large cock disappear into the other one’s tight asshole. He watched as the one getting fucked moaned out with pleasure and played with her tits at the same time as getting fucked. Pre-cum oozed out of her big TS cock and landed like a small creamy puddle right in her belly button.
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The lorry driver

I am a straight, married long-distance lorry diver. I am forty five years of age with a couple of kids on the go, but when I’m on the road, I will fuck just about anything. And when I can’t do that I go onto various webcam sites and jerk myself off. I saw an ad for a shemale webcam site where you can tall to the girls for free. I didn’t want anything appearing like this on my bank balance in case my wife sees it so I thought I would give it a go.
It really is free to look around at shemale webcams site. All you have to do is put your email, username and password in, you don’t even have to use your real name. I scrolled down the photos of all the shemales shown and looked at their short profiles shown next to them, when I saw one that I liked the look of I clicked where it said ‘View My Profile’ and started to read.
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I had chosen a gay shemale who looked dead sexy in her sexy lingerie and high heels. I am always horny anyway so it didn’t surprise me to feel my dick thicken straight away. I opened my jeans, spat in the palm of my hand and slowly I jerked on my cock as I read the profile. This little madam really is naughty, just the way I like them. She’s 21 and gets turned on by role play and can actually suck her big eight and a half inch cut dick, and her cock is pierced close to her smooth ball sack. There is a lot to read if you want to, but my cock was already pulsating and feeling hot in my hand so I pressed on the green button that said ‘free video chat’ and there she was, sitting waiting for me with her big tits almost ripping her dress apart. I wasn’t too sure what to do next and I saw her typing on her keyboard.
‘Hello gorgeous,’ she wrote. ‘What would you like me to do?’
It hadn’t even crossed my mind how this worked but I’m quite forceful when I want to be so I typed back: Get naked and show me that tight ass of yours.’ She smiled directly into the webcam at me and loosened her dress. It slipped to the floor and I saw her sexy red lingerie. She turned around and I saw her tight, shaved asshole as she spread her ass open for me to see. I jerked a bit faster on my raging hard-on. ‘Smack your ass’, I typed in, and, as I watched her, I could hear the sharp slapping sound of flash smacking against flesh. I watched as she poked a finger in to her tight ass, but I wanted to watch her suck her cock, something for sure I would do if I’d been there with her.
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