Dimitris from Athens

shemale webcamsDimitris is a muscular Greek man who lives in Athens. He is bored at home and starts to click on all sorts of things on the internet until he stops at a Shemale webcams site at http://www.blueshiftworld.com/ . It is the middle of August and it’s so hot the fan is on above him, and he is sitting naked on a towel, on a chair, to stop the sweat from getting it all wet. The door is open and he can hear the sound of the traffic as it passes underneath his apartment in his block of flats.
He looks at the photos of the beautiful T-babes on offer, all there so that he can chat to them via their web cams, and he looks at one that just says ‘beware the three shemales!’ Underneath it, in smaller writing, it reads ‘big cocks, anal, asshole and plenty of cum.’ He clicks on the photo as he remembers the one time he had had sex with a cross-dresser. He had loved it, but remembered that it would have been better if the guy had had a pair of real tits as well as his big cock. He hadn’t thought much about it until he came across this site, and he hadn’t even thought about looking up shemale webcam show on the internet before. A clock came up on the screen saying connecting and a few seconds later he saw three hot shemales in sexy lingerie on a bed, kissing. They looked up at the screen as the box opened and the one with the biggest tits came forward and typed into another box on his screen:
‘What would like to see us do?’
Her beautiful tits almost popped out of her tiny red bra as she typed her message down. Dimitris could see the other two just behind her sucking each other’s cock in the 69 position and liked what he saw. He started jerking on his eight inch, uncut dick and pinched his hairy nipples as he watched them for a few seconds.
‘I want those other two to fuck each other in the missionary position, and for you to fuck the other one’s ass with that long dildo besides them, as you caress your beautiful tanned breasts.’ He typed in in his best English.
Sweaty from the heat, and from his excitement, sweat poured down his face and armpits as he pumped his cock up and down quicker. He watched a large cock disappear into the other one’s tight asshole. He watched as the one getting fucked moaned out with pleasure and played with her tits at the same time as getting fucked. Pre-cum oozed out of her big TS cock and landed like a small creamy puddle right in her belly button.
‘Go on then,’ he wrote quickly with one hand whilst the other one still worked on his cock. ‘Fuck his tight sweaty ass with that dildo. Plug it all the way in,’ he wrote, letting his excitement get the better of him.
He sat back without missing a beat on his now tingling dick and watched as the girl with the big tits greased up the long black dildo. She started stroking her bit tits. She shoved the dildo easily into the Tgirl’s ass, forcing her to groan in pure ecstasy and all live via her webcam.
Sweat was now pouring down Dimitris’s body, even his legs. He felt it trickle down his ass crack as he watched these three chicks with dicks fucking in front of him.
He could feel himself about to cum when he heard one of them moan louder. He managed to keep himself under control long enough as the girl with the dildo up her ass slid her cock out of the other one’s ass and dumped her juicy white cum all over her lovely titties. Dimitris lifted his hips off the chair and as his eyes rolled backwards in his head. His cum erupted out of his dick and all over his hairy chest, he even managed to reach his chin with his heavy load.
With his cum still dribbling off his chin, he copied and pasted the address of that this hot shemale webcams website into his favourites.
He just knew that he was going to be visiting this site, and many more like it, a lot more in the near future. Check out more shemale webcams at shemalepornstarstube.com

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