The lorry driver

I am a straight, married long-distance lorry diver. I am forty five years of age with a couple of kids on the go, but when I’m on the road, I will fuck just about anything. And when I can’t do that I go onto various webcam sites and jerk myself off. I saw an ad for a shemale webcam site where you can tall to the girls for free. I didn’t want anything appearing like this on my bank balance in case my wife sees it so I thought I would give it a go.
It really is free to look around at shemale webcams site. All you have to do is put your email, username and password in, you don’t even have to use your real name. I scrolled down the photos of all the shemales shown and looked at their short profiles shown next to them, when I saw one that I liked the look of I clicked where it said ‘View My Profile’ and started to read.
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I had chosen a gay shemale who looked dead sexy in her sexy lingerie and high heels. I am always horny anyway so it didn’t surprise me to feel my dick thicken straight away. I opened my jeans, spat in the palm of my hand and slowly I jerked on my cock as I read the profile. This little madam really is naughty, just the way I like them. She’s 21 and gets turned on by role play and can actually suck her big eight and a half inch cut dick, and her cock is pierced close to her smooth ball sack. There is a lot to read if you want to, but my cock was already pulsating and feeling hot in my hand so I pressed on the green button that said ‘free video chat’ and there she was, sitting waiting for me with her big tits almost ripping her dress apart. I wasn’t too sure what to do next and I saw her typing on her keyboard.
‘Hello gorgeous,’ she wrote. ‘What would you like me to do?’
It hadn’t even crossed my mind how this worked but I’m quite forceful when I want to be so I typed back: Get naked and show me that tight ass of yours.’ She smiled directly into the webcam at me and loosened her dress. It slipped to the floor and I saw her sexy red lingerie. She turned around and I saw her tight, shaved asshole as she spread her ass open for me to see. I jerked a bit faster on my raging hard-on. ‘Smack your ass’, I typed in, and, as I watched her, I could hear the sharp slapping sound of flash smacking against flesh. I watched as she poked a finger in to her tight ass, but I wanted to watch her suck her cock, something for sure I would do if I’d been there with her.
She got on her back and raised her legs above her head and I could see her hard dick going closer and to her mouth until she really was sucking on it. I felt my ass twitch and my cock exploded in my hand shooting hot cum everywhere. I carried on watching until she came, and jerked myself off once more. Since then I kind of got hooked on these shemale webcams and when I’m out on the road I hook up with at least one Tgirl, or Ladyboy, tranny, whoever I am in the mod for. And I’m always in the mood for chat.

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