TS playground with Danielle Foxxx

‘TS playground’ love to remind us how good our school days really were. Did we really get off with that cute shemale or was it just a fantasy and we were too scared to try anything? This is a great hardcore series by shemalepornstarstube.com which shows off the kind of things that do, or can, happen when you are a young man with a constant erection and living on campus. This one stars Paul Canon and Danielle Foxxx.
Paul Cannon does actually look like somebody in college, with his long hair and thin, smooth body. He is a versatile top with a seven inch cut dick, is five foot ten inches tall, weighs 160 pounds and has brown hair and brown eyes. This is his fourth shemale flick with this paysite, he was also in the ‘Bear Weekend’ series which ended up in a great fuck-fest with cum flying everywhere.
Danielle Foxxx
Danielle Foxxx is a hot and horny star who is exclusive to this tube. He has striking red hair, sea blue eyes and a well-toned body with a great six pack, and a whole load of tattoos. Danielle is a versatile man with a seven inch cut cock and a wonderful tight ass, he is also five foot eight inches tall and weighs 185 pounds. Danielle has been in twenty flicks since starting with the tube, and they include ‘The Mysteries Of Danielle’, where he plays a rampant cop on the chase of a gay serial killer.
This episode of ‘Cross Check’ starts off with Paul Cannon coming into his shared bedroom and seeing a note lying on a pillow. It’s from his roommate, Tom Faulk, saying that he has been thrown out of college for sleeping with all his team mates. A clean cut Danielle Foxxx walks into the room all excited asking Paul if he had heard the news about Tom. They carry on speaking as they sit down on the bed together, with Danielle flirting with Paul. Check out her twitter account here

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